The timemirror is a project to explore what happens if you look through a mirror in four dimensoins

In a mathematical sense a mirror not only reflects light. It reflects the axis of geometry. If you place the mirror in the special ange of 45 degrees you exchange two axis and you can see the object from the side.

But we have a fourth dimension. Time. If you place the mirror 45 degrees diagonally in space and time you exchange one of the space-axis with the time. Under normal conditions you can see the whole object but only at one part of the time. Motion you create by comparing the recent picture with the previous. But through the timemirror you can see all time and motion of an object but only one layer of space.

This creates a completely different view with a fourth dimension included. You can not see the complete object. Like tomography you have to move the visible layer through the object/time to get back the third space-dimension.
Drag the red button to the right side to explore the process.

Drag the red button to the left side to explore the time at one place in the process.